Lansing’s Creative Community: Sarah Sanders- Contrasted Content

Who are you?

My name is Sarah Sanders. In 2020, I launched Contrasted Content, a public platform to showcase my upcoming projects. Contrast is a consistent theme within the basis of my work and has a deep meaning within me, the artist. In my own words, “Contrast lies within every aspect of life, whether it be day and night, joy and sorrow, or love and hate. Contrasted Content’s purpose is to remind us that without the contradictions life brings us, balance wouldn’t exist.”

What’s your medium?

Body Painting and Fine Art of Several Mediums

Do you remember the moment you wanted to make art? 

The moment my grandmother handed me a paintbrush at a very young age. I have been actively pursuing art on a daily basis for 9 years now. (Since I was 14) 

Where do you find inspiration? 

What inspires me is hardship in life and the fact that eventually, it forces us all to appreciate the small beauties in life that surround us daily.

Where can we find your work? 

or my facebook page Content

Where can we find YOU? 

Sarah Renee (My facebook), Contrasted Content (Facebook Page), or @Contrasted_content (Instagram)

Get in the Know! 

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