Lansing’s Creative Community: Brandon Navin- Executive Director & Founder of The Artist’s Umbrella

Who are you?

*Author Note* Anyone who knows Brandon will agree he is a man who exuberantly supports and promotes local artists and their creativity. He is also, however, a man who downplays his own accomplishments and talents. Therefore, he was bypassed for the information presented here which was instead provided by the woman who knows him best. 

What’s your medium?

Poetry, guitar, Soems (poetry/songs)

Do you remember the moment you wanted to make art? 

I had the idea to start The Artist’s Umbrella in the beginning of 2019. This idea grew over time and I ended up booking the first show in June 2019 at The Loft in Downtown Lansing. I had no idea what I was doing, but reached out to others in the community and together, we put on a show! 

Since then the organization has grown and developed into a beautiful, loving, regularly scheduled monthly event that attempts to offer a safe space for all to feel welcome and share their craft. These curated, ticketed events showcase amazing visual and performing artists, as well as live painters, an art auction, and local art vendors.

Where do you find inspiration? 

Music. Nature. Running. My family and friends. Simple pleasures in life.  

Where can we find your work?

The Artist’s Umbrella on Facebook, @artistsumbrella on Instagram 

Where can we find YOU? 

Our next show is Thursday, 12.30.21 at UrbanBeat in Old Town Lansing. Come out to “December Solace: A not so silent Night”! Doors and vendors open at 7, show starts at 8. Tickets are $20! (If it’s past this date, just check our event page for upcoming shows!)

Get in the Know! 

Through an honest, inclusive, and transparent environment, The Artist's Umbrella provides a safe space for all artists to express their creative abilities while delivering quality entertainment in downtown Lansing. Sign up to get the latest news about events, artists, and this amazing community.