What Brings You TRUE Joy?

Dressed in warm, winter riding gear, galloping through deep snow drifts, the sounds of muffled hoofbeats soft against the tinkle of icy branches in the canopy overhead.


Raucous heavy metal tunes blasting against studio walls as paint flies from the fibers of paint brushes, dispersing splashes of bright acrylic onto a canvas.


Fingers flying across ebony and ivory keys/laptop keyboard/words on the pages of a book, spellbound and lost in rapture as music/writing/images from an imaginary world fill spaces inside of hearts.

Or…something completely different? Or, possibly all of the above and a thousand more situations.

What brings you true joy? During this AU hiatus, lose yourself in other things that make you happy, make you laugh, make you ponder. Enjoy the icy outdoor activities or snuggle inside a warm place. Find something new. Repeat activities, revisit places, and regenerate yourself while AU revamps and improves before returning April 8th.

What brings you true joy? Don’t be afraid to search. As winter keeps us somewhat hibernated, pad your creative soul with richness. Nobody needs to know you find joy bingeing reality shows. If it makes you feel joy and brings no harm, fear not! Pamper your creativity. Luxuriate in a guilty pleasure, as some might name a joyful interlude.

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