You’re STILL Forgiven for Not Creating: A Follow-Up Letter

Dear Artists,

The world is slowly beginning to open. Maskless faces are showing up again…in public! People are gathering…together! Paint is flowing from brushes. Words are building on pages. Music and voices are filling the air. Artists and audiences are once again allowed to gather, to share, to enjoy life together. 

Remember how you might not have been as creative as ‘expected’ during the pandemic days? Remember, how we saw you, and gave you permission to be okay with whatever you needed to do or not do during that stressful time? 

Now that things are becoming ‘normal’ again, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all, or still! Guess what? That’s okay, too.

Some of you are hesitant. You became accustomed to quiet, introverted days and calendars that were more blank than filled with events and commitments. 

Some of you are rushing headlong into the new openings, throwing paint onto canvases, blasting your melodic voices into the skies for all to hear, writing the next great novel or poem or flash fiction piece.

Some of you haven’t yet decided how you feel about getting back to it all. One day you’re poking your head around the corner, eyeballing your craft nervously, anxiously testing the waters; and the next you are agreeing to any and everything.

Once again, whatever you need to do in order to manage your creative comeback is exactly what you need to do. You do you! Take the path your art requires, that you require, and apologize to no one for it. All in, diving into the deep end; one tiny smidge of creativity at a time; or a combination of multiple speeds is acceptable, expectable even! 

The world is beginning to open up again, Artists. It is awaiting your individual, eclectic, multi-faceted creations with open arms and hearts. 

It is time to start refilling the world with all you have to offer. Trust your instincts. Close your eyes and feel your craft flow through you once again.

We can’t wait to see what comes next!

All the love,

Artists Umbrella

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